Redman 70.3 (Part 1 – Pre-race)


June 25, 2017

I’m breaking this blog into Part I and Part II. Why? There’s a lot of “thinking that happens” during taper week of a race – a lot of race plans are finalized.

After the last race I stated: “Continue to trained harder and longer with more bricks – the long distance is fitness, fitness, fitness.  Full-iron distance is scary from today’s viewpoint.”

As I enter this race, I can say that the work has been done. Coach Ben worked, to make me feel better, by added extra brick workouts since the last race. My fitness is deeper and I’m progressing to the deep Ironman fitness/resiliancy.

Overall Race Plan

This is my third of three 70.3 races in preparation for Ironman Arizona 2017 (65 days). This race course will somewhat similar to the Arizona race in the elevations, wind and weather. The weather for this race, on Saturday, is the looking as if the course wants to put up a little bit of a fight. But a flat bike and run course will even the fight a little between the athlete and the course.

My training continues to progress and I’m certain that my swim, bike and run have improved mainly through deep fitness. This should mean that I can push the swim effort, stay steady on the bike, and manage/push? the run. I’ll repeat my overall race goals from the last race: I want to enjoy the race experience and collect good data for my next phase of training.   I don’t have pace/time goals per say.    BUT….what would make me happy?


My post-race notes last race to help with this race: “Just swim.  To Hell with everyone else.  My sighting and lines are fine.  I lose time worrying about others.”

There’s a fine line between drafting of other swimmer and staying within your own swim. There are moment of opportunities that I need to take advantage of – as faster swimmers pass me on the course I need to get a little boost and hang on a hip for :30 to 60 sec.

Last Swim Time: 00:38:01. I would love to cut some time off of my last swim, but I’m expecting a chop and need to remember advice of short, fast strokes.


Aerodynamic positioning. Staying in aero position will be important in this flat course with strong head and tailwinds. This type of course should be built for my size and power – this is an area of opportunity within the race.

Last Bike Time: 03:01:40. This flat course should provide me an opportunity to drop a few minutes off my last race. I do NOT want to override this bike course.


A 10:18 pace is an optimal pace for this race… teases me from afar. As much as I dream of this pace, an 11:15 is more likely as a TOP goal pace for this race. I do want to have a fast run than last race and inch a little closer to that 10:18. The pain is real. Step over the finish line tired.

Last Run Time: 2:30:50 


This may be the biggest variable in the race. 95% of my nutritional plan is new. More about nutrition in Part II.


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