Professional Goal

To influence generations of scholars and scholar-practitioners through mentored scholarship. It is important to have faculty and student engagement in each other’s research, teaching, and service scholarship projects as part of the professorate mentoring process. This compatibility and common professional interest help ensure long-term collegiality as students join and move through the ranks of academic scholarship.

Philosophy of Teaching Scholarship

All learners are treated as professionals with unique knowledge, skills, attitudes and abilities

I provide practical and relevant knowledge of the fields I teach.

Learners will be prepared to enter, or advance in, their chosen profession with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required by their employers, and my customers.

Philosophy of Faculty Scholarship

Balance, integration, and theory-to-practice guide my approach to faculty scholarship.

  • Balance provides me the understanding that research, teaching, nor scholarship should be individually consuming factors of my workload as a member of university community.
  • Integration of research into the university classroom provides students first-hand experience reading, consuming and creating new theories and practice that aid in guiding their field.
  • Theory-to-practice provides both opportunities to translate the “ivory tower” theories of the university classroom into the everyday practices of corporate and educational work environments. Without the theory-to-practice step in the learning process, students may never be provided the opportunity to practice the theories and methods that they have learned in the confines of a university classroom.

“Don’t lecture someone about their ignorance — teach them otherwise.”

Kind words from students: