The small print

This is a personal website originally created in 1994 with the help of my students that wanted me better connected with the growing “world-wide-web”.  The site has always been interwoven to a large extent with my personal and professional. Why?  My students wanted to know more about their professor.

This site was originally created in 1994 with the help of my students in an effort to connect.  The site has always been mixed with professional and personal and has been interwoven to a large extent.

To further explain this connection, I presented at the 2015 Salute to Faculty Excellence Week, on the theme “The Secret Lives of Faculty.” Pecha Kucha is Japanese for “chit-chat” and describes a presentation format using 20 slides which advance automatically in 20-second intervals.

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This may help explain why, as a professor, I mix my personal and professional life.




This site has been used over the years to provide support for my current students, alumni, and the larger collegium.  I cannot segment out my life and my work as a professor.  I do not make any pretense of representing my employer (program, department, college, university, State of Texas).  I have linked to official websites, where appropriate, to guide visitors to “official” answers.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact me directly.