The small print

This is a personal website originally created in 1994 with the help of my students that wanted me better connected with the growing “world-wide-web”.  The site has always interwoven my personal and professional life. Why?  My students wanted to know more about their professors.

The Secret Lives of Faculty

To further explain this connection, I presented at the 2015 Salute to Faculty Excellence Week, on the theme “The Secret Lives of Faculty.” Pecha Kucha is Japanese for “chit-chat” and describes a presentation format using 20 slides which advance automatically in 20-second intervals.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 1.58.01 PM.png


This may help explain why, as a professor, I mix my personal and professional life. This site has been used over the years to provide support for my current students, alumni, and the larger collegium.  I cannot segment out my life and my work as a professor.

Social Media and Communication

We are often “caught-up” in internet conversations with a limited toolset to use for communication.  Limited characters, limited time, limited to text, and limited to modes of communication that each create a set of barriers to communication that to keep us from fully flesh out the post that we make on social media.   [click here to read more]

I do not make any pretense of representing my employer
(program, department, college, university, or the State of Texas).  

I have linked to official websites, where appropriate, to guide visitors to “official” answers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly.