My current research investigates workforce innovation in our growing global knowledge economy. Specifically looking at the role of self-learning, personal learning networks, problem-based learning, and mass customization in knowledge acquisition and transfer within the broad context of performance innovation and information literacy.  This involves a critical understanding of the following:

encompasses creative, replicable and effective strategies, techniques, tools, or systems used to efficiently enhance the knowledge acquisition process of learners.
Performance encompasses creative, replicable and effective strategies geared towards reaching desired goals through human behavioral change and measurement of this change. 
Information encompasses creative, replicable and effective strategies geared toward the generation, use dissemination, and communication of knowledge by individuals, systems and organizations.
Organizational Culture encompasses creative, replicable and effective strategies techniques, tools, or systems used to enhance shared values and behaviors in a global workforce setting.

Here are three broad questions that I’m currently pondering and exploring:

  • How do we foster wisdom in individuals?  What are the factors necessary to move a person or group of people from knowledgeable to wise.
    • We have created a definition of wisdom: 

      Wisdom is a uniquely human quality demonstrated through an ability to apply self-insight, experience, and sound judgment in conjunction with available data, information, and knowledge to create a course of action, which leads to decisions that are beneficial and productive for both individuals and society.

  • Knowledge Economy: How do we develop individuals in an international knowledge economy?  What will this mean for employee and organizational success?
  • Digital presence of scholars:  This is an ongoing area of interest to assist current and future faculty to understand this critical are of profession work in our global scholarly workforce.