My scholarly passion is workforce innovation in our growing global knowledge economy. Specifically, how to foster individual and collective wisdom during all aspects of societal interaction.

My current research investigates workforce innovation in our growing global knowledge economy. Specifically looking at the role of self-learning, personal learning networks, problem-based learning, and mass customization in knowledge acquisition and transfer within the broad context of performance innovation and information literacy. 

Wisdom Constructs

For more information: Allen, J. (2022). Fostering Wisdom at Work. Rutledge Taylor & Francis Group. https//


Wisdom Connectors

Learning is a natural intellectual process of acquiring and enhancing knowledge, skills, attitudes and ability through education, observation, self-study, experience, and experimentation.

Unlearning is weighing, judging, comparing, discerning and deciding if a new model or paradigm should replace outdated ones  in order to adapt to new circumstances.

Organizational Culture encompasses creative, replicable and effective strategies techniques, tools, or systems used to enhance shared values and behaviors in a global workforce setting. 

Performance encompasses creative, replicable, and effective strategies geared towards reaching desired goals through human behavioral change and measurement of this change.

Information Literacy is our capability and capacity to discover, consume, understand, and utilize information to learn, curate, grow and communicate (e.g, reading literacy, math literacy, science literacy, media/technology/tool literacy, financial and economic literacy, cultural literacy, and workforce literacy). 

Workplace community is a group of engaged colleagues that offer mutual support and that influence and inspire work within the larger organization.