A few other things

I get to talk about some things that are involved in the PhD life and my work/life balance . . . some who have read the page will probably tell you that it gives you some insight into how I approach life.

My Personal Mission Statement

My mission is to balance the goals of my personal and professional life while continually gaining new knowledge. This effort to balance my goals should not dilute the quality of my goals, but should enhance the quality of life for my family, co-workers, friends, and students.

My Kids and Family

I enjoy my work, but I work so that I can have a quality life with my family.  I’ve been happily married to my wife Denise since 1993.  We have two sons Jared and Tristan.  I can’t help but bring stories of my family into the classroom.

My Consulting

As a university faculty member, I have the opportunity to consult with local, national and international organizations.  These opportunities allow me the chance to assist organizations, update my consulting experiences, observe models of practice, collect research data, and develop new theories.