Dissertation Examples

I’m asked by all my doctoral students at some point during their writing to give them good dissertation examples.  It’s a fair question to help them improve the quality of their dissertation. This is a list of student that have completed their doctoral program under my direction. Use them as you will — just remember that your dissertation is unique – just as the following dissertations are unique. Is one dissertation better for you to look at?  The best analogy is: Which is better vanilla or chocolate ice cream?  It depends on your preference in ice cream!

2019 (#48)

Kristin Firmery Petrunin, Ph.D.

Teaching 21st Century Skills through Project-based Learning and Extended Profession Development: A Survey of Business Educators

Tai-yi (Fischer) Huang, Ph.D.

Essential Competencies for Entry-Level Management Positions in The Food and Beverage Industry in Taiwan and Mainland China


Kristine Farmer, Ph.D.

Paralegal Students’ and Paralegal Instructors’ Perceptions of Synchronous and Asynchronous Online Paralegal Course Effectiveness: A Comparative Study


Stanley Adjabeng, Ph.D.

The Status and Challenges of Online Distance Education Programs in Post-Secondary Institutions in Ghana

Rob Mayes, Ph.D.

Content Originality Analysis Using Turnitin Plagiarism Detection Softwar: Examining Corpora of Dissertations and Published Articles


Selvario Pacleb, Ph.D.

Examining the Impact of the Community of Inquiry and Students Learning Processes on Participant’s Academic Achievement, Ph.D

Ashwini Joshua-Gojer, Ph.D.

Cross-cultural adjustment of self-initiated expatriates and individual work performance.

Mariya Gavrilova, Ph.D.

Examination of the Alignment between the SHRM Competency Model and Undergraduate Syllabi of Human Resources and Management Programs in Texas

Elizabeth Bailey, Ph.D.

Comparative study of perceived barriers to faculty participation in distance education at a four-year university


Shelby Danks, Ph.D.

Measuring Culture of Innovation: A validation Study of the Innovation Quotient Instrument (Outstanding dissertation Finalist: International Society for Performance Improvement)

Bechamat Laksaniyanon, Ph.D.

Acceptance Theories for Behavior in Conducting Research: Instructors in the Rajabhat University System, Thailand

John Turner, Ph.D.

Knowledge Sharing: Examining Employee Perceptions Using Structural Equation Modeling

Chih Hung Chung, Ph.D.

Investigating teachers’ backgrounds and instructional practices to improve mathematics teacher training programs

Tekeisha Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Testing the psychometric properties of the online student connectedness survey

Paeng Angnakoon, Ph.D.

Exploring Teachers’ Constructivist Beliefs Using Talis 2013: Approaches to Training and Development

Susan Frear, Ph.D.

A Construct Validity Analysis of the Work Perception Profile Data.


Laura Pasquini, Ph.D.

Organizational Identity and Community Values: Determining Meaning in Post-secondary Education Social Media Guidelines and Policy Documents


Sunil Patel, Ph.D.

A Study of Performance and Effort Expectancy Factors Among Generational and Gender Groups to Predict Enterprise Social Software Technology Adoption

Joanne Hix, Ph.D.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Transfer of Learning Constructs and Intent to Transfer in a Simulation-based Leadership Training Program


Marie Garrigue, Ph.D.

Leadership Developmental Readiness of Generation Y in the Training Industry

Megan McKee, Ph.D.

The Affect of Mobile Performance Support Devices on Self-Efficacy of Float Staff in a Hospital Settings

Joyce Melius, Ph.D.

Mathematics Anxiety and Mathematics Self-Efficacy in Relationship to Medication Calculation Performance in Nurses


Pamela Bracey, Ph.D.

An Examination of Soft Skills Listed in Texas Electronic Job Postings and Undergraduate Business Information Systems Syllabi


Billy Moore, Ph.D.

Evaluating Technical Solutions and Blending Multimedia Mobile Applications into Technical Training (Outstanding dissertation Finalist: University Council for Workforce and Human Resource Education)


Credence Baker, Ph.D.

Instructor Immediacy and Presence in the Online Learning Environment: An Investigation of Relationships with Student Affective Learning, Cognition and Motivation


Kate Burkes, Ph.D.

Applying Cognitive Load Theory to the Design of Online Learning

Kim Nimon, Ph.D.

Comparing Outcome Measures Derived from Four Research Designs Incorporating the Retrospective Pretest

Johnelle Welch, Ph.D.

Identifying Factors that Predict Student Success in a Community College Online Distance Learning Course


Gus Perez, Ph.D.

Comparing Outcome Measures Derived from Four Research Designs Incorporating Retrospective Pretest

Greg Thatcher, Ed.D.

A Model of Best Practice: Leadership Development Programs in the Nuclear Industry

Charlotte Mooneyham, Ph.D.

Relationship between Career and Technical Education, Texas Assessment of Academic Skills, and other Academic Excellence Indicators


Reba Berryman, Ph.D.

Knowledge Management in Virtual Organizations: A Study of a Best Practices Knowledge Transfer Model

Nanette Philibert, Ph.D.

Nontraditional Students in Community Colleges and the Model of College Outcome for Adults


Thomas Bradley, Ph.D.

Analysis of Leadership Perception Using Multi-rater Feedback


Charles Andrews, Ph.D.

Comparative Analysis of Management and Employee Job Satisfaction and Policy Perceptions

John Dawson, Ph.D.

The Impact of Technical Barriers on the Effectiveness of Professional Development as Related to a Distance Education System-based course: A Case Study in the Web World of Wonders Environmental Science Learning Community

Jann Hebert, Ed.D.

Perceived Barrier to Faculty Participation in Distance Education at a 4-year University

Jerry Hutyra, Ph.D.

Analysis of Perceptional Differences Among Department Chairs, Faculty, and Instructors toward the Barrier to using Multiple Teaching Strategies in Two-Year Technical and Community College Electronic Courses

Randy McCamey, Ph.D.

The Relationship Between the Reasons for Participation in Continuing Professional Education and the Leader Effectiveness of First-line Supervisors

Rich McVay, Ed.D.

An Examination of Computer Anxiety Related to Achievement on Paper-and-Pencil and Computer-based Aircraft Maintenance Knowledge Testing of United States Air Force Technical Training Students

Roy Pineau, Ph.D.

Student Preferences in Screen Design Factor for Internet Delivered College Courses

Charles Andrews, Ph.D.

Comparative Analysis of Management and Employee Job Satisfaction and Policy Perceptions


Trish Dodds, Ph.D.

Assessing the Efficacy of Learning Communities at Four North Texas Community Colleges

Patty Pool, Ph.D.

Levels of Resourcefulness and Motivation as they Relate to Sales Force Success: An Examination of Correlates using the Hope Theory


Todd Sherron, Ph.D.

Psychometric Development of the Adaptive Leadership Competency Profile


Carl Landsford, Ed.D.

The Relationship between Time-on-Task in Computer-Aided Instruction and the Progress of Development Reading Students in the University of Texas and Texas Southmost College


Steven Boyd, Ph.D

Reactions and Learning Predictors of Job Performance in a United State Air Force Technical Training Program