Biographical Sketch

Dr. Jeff M. Allen is a leading scholar in the area of learning and performance innovation for the knowledge economy. At the University of North Texas he serves as a Regents Professor of Information Science in the College of Information and Director of the Center for Knowledge Solutions.

At the national level, he has provided leadership as a Board member of the Academy of Human Resource Development, Past Editor-in-Chief of Performance Improvement Quarterly, and Past Editor of Career and Technical Education Research, and Founding-Editor of Learning and Performance Quarterly. Currently he serves as President of Knowledge & Information Professional Association (KIPA).

Outside of his scholarship, Dr. Allen is triathlete, ultra-distance runner, martial artist and boxer.

Research Passion

Workforce Innovation for a Knowledge Economy

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Extended Bio

I research, teach and provide service in the area of workforce innovation for careers that do not yet exist. My current research investigates the transference of knowledge in workforce settings. Specifically looking at the role of self-learning, personal learning networks, problem-based learning, and mass customization in knowledge acquisition and transfer within systems and between individuals.

My students require an integration of my research into my teaching to provide first-hand experience with reading, interpreting, and creating new theories and practices that guide innovation. This integration provides a seamless transition from the theories of the classroom into the everyday innovative process and practices of the corporate and educational workplaces.

As the Director of the Center for Knowledge Solutions at the University of North Texas, it is my goal to empower scholars and scholar-practitioners to make evidence-based decisions that optimize learning and performance systems to improve organizational knowledge. The uniqueness of the center is learning and performance across disciplines and professions. Our mission is to generate, integrate, and disseminate knowledge solutions through learning and performance innovation for business and education. The center enables constituents and funding agencies to implement knowledge solutions for improving their organizational systems.

I consult and teach in the areas of technological innovation, consulting skills, workforce education, knowledge acquisition, and research methods. At the national level, I provide leadership in numerous professional organizations and serve as a reviewer and editor for numerous research publications. I have been a faculty member at the University of North Texas since 1994 and currently serve as a Regents Professor in the Department of Information Science at the University of North Texas.

Denise and I have two sons and live in Aubrey, Texas.