Dr. Jeff M. Allen is an internationally recognized scholar of wisdom that assists organizations to the make evidence-based decisions that fosters individual wisdom and cultivated collective wisdom.

He serves as a Regents Professor of Information Science at the University of North Texas. 

In addition, he has served as Founding-Editor of Learning and Performance Quarterly, Editor-in-Chief of Performance Improvement Quarterly, Editor of Career and Technical Education Research and Founding Director of the Center for Knowledge Solutions.

Together with his colleagues, he prepares students for jobs that are not yet created.

Latest Book: Fostering Wisdom at Work

Outside of his scholarship, Dr. Allen is a husband, father, son, and age-group athlete.

Research Passion

I empower scholars and practitioners to make evidence-based decisions that fosters individual wisdom and cultivate collective wisdom.

Professional Goal

Influencing generations of scholars and scholar-practitioners through mentored scholarship. It is important to have faculty and student engagement in each other’s research, teaching, and service scholarship projects as part of the mentoring process in the professorate. This compatibility and common professional interest help ensure long-term collegiality as students join and move through the ranks of academic scholarship.

My students

Together with my colleagues, I  prepare students for jobs that are not yet created.  Innovation drives how I think about and advance scholarship. I generate, integrate, and disseminate research, teach and provide service in the area of workforce innovation in our growing global knowledge economy.

My students require integration of my research into my teaching to provide the first-hand experience with reading, interpreting and creating new theories and practices that guide workforce innovation.  This integration provides a seamless transition from the theories of the classroom into the everyday innovative process and practices for the global workforce.

As a faculty member, I have disseminated research with more than sixty different authors to contribute to the scholarly literature in workforce innovation.