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My mission is to balance the goals of my personal and professional life while continually gaining new knowledge and seeking wisdom. This effort to balance my goals should not dilute the quality of my goals, but should enhance the quality of life for my family, co-workers, friends, and students.

Capt’n Karls Trail Race Colorado Bend State Park

Colorado Bend State Park; Bend, TexasAugust 3-4, 2019 I write these for my future examination and my coach (Ben Drezek). I hope you enjoy – please ignore the errors…it’s a train of thought rather than a monograph. This was race … Continue reading

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Brazos Bend 50 2019 (100k distance)

Brazos Bend State Park; Needville, TexasApril 6, 2019 This race is a precursor to the Brazos Bend 100 in December 2019 (100 miles) and was a much anticipated test race to helptweak my training. I’ve run three 50k and one … Continue reading

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Ironman Florida 2018 (Haines City, Florida)

Haines City, Florida November 4, 2018 The month leading up to this race was crazy.  Hurricane Michael came through Panama City Beach Florida and created havoc.  The race was cancelled on November 3rd and moved to Haines City Florida on … Continue reading

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2018 Rocky Raccoon 50 miler

Huntsville, Texas February 10, 2018 Finish Time: 11:49:39 Preparation: Knob Hill (50k) race was my last long run in preparation for this 50-mile attempt. I gathered a couple inconvenient foot problems (blisters) coming out of the 50k with three weeks … Continue reading

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Ironman Arizona 2017

Tempe, Arizona November 19, 2017 I’ve looked forward to Ironman Arizona (IMAZ) 2017 for over a year.  I traveled to volunteer in 2016 to watch and support team mates AND see what I was getting myself into for 2018.  This … Continue reading

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The Ironman Taper

I’m NOT the original author – going to keep it here so it can be linked in the future…. Per Ellen Frasca Evans the original author is Bob Mina. Written before before Ironman Canada in 2002 There are a lot of different sources and a … Continue reading

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Redman 70.3 (Part II): The complete story.

Lake Hefner,Oklahoma September 17, 2018 This is a complete report with Part 1 integrated into this race report…. After the last race I stated: “Continue to trained harder and longer with more bricks – the long distance is fitness, fitness, … Continue reading

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