Secret life of Professors

This is a very real effort to separate personal and business.   There is a need today to remove my personal opinions and activities from my current employment at the University of North Texas (and therefore, the State of Texas).

Personal twitter:  @SageProfessor

Personal Facebook:

During the 2015 Salute to Faculty Excellence Week, I was part of a team of faculty presented Pecha Kucha sessions on the theme “The Secret Lives of Faculty.” Pecha Kucha is Japanese for “chit-chat” and describes a presentation format using 20 slides which advance automatically in 20 second intervals.

There’s a balance to my life.  This short  6:20 minute presentation will provide more information about me, and why it’s complicated:



About Jeff Allen

My mission is to balance the goals of my personal and professional life while continually gaining new knowledge and seeking wisdom. This effort to balance my goals should not dilute the quality of my goals, but should enhance the quality of life for my family, co-workers, friends, and students.
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