Valued Journals

The attached list of valued journals was created through a systematic review of the following:

  • Vitas of recognized faculty scholars in the fields of career and technical education, Training & Performance Improvement.  This included the review of faculty vitas that were available for review on the internet and those that were made available from similar programs from around the country.
  • Open solicitation of University Council for Human Resource Education:

Primary Journals (alphabetical)

Secondary Journals

  • Adult Basic Education
  • Adult Education Quarterly
  • American Technical Education Association Journal
  • Career Education for Exceptional Individuals
  • Career Planning and Adult Development Journal
  • College Student Services Journal
  • Convergence International Journal of Adult Education
  • Delta Pi Epsilon Journal
  • Dimensions
  • Harvard Educational Review
  • Human Performance
  • Journal of Adult Education
  • Journal of Business and Training Education
  • Journal of Education for Business
  • Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences Education
  • Journal of Studies in Technical Careers
  • Journal of Teacher Education
  • Journal of Technology Studies
  • Journal of Workplace Learning
  • Performance Improvement
  • NABTE Review
  • NASPA Journal
  • New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education

Send me contact me to include any missing journals.